The Story
Fang Yang is one of China’s leading fashion designers. Born in China, Fang studied Fashion at ESMOD in Paris where she built a family and crafted her first prêt à porter collections. Inspired by the creative energy in Shanghai, she returned to her birth land in 2013 to establish her brand, by FANG. In 2015 she was invited by Swarovski to join the first Asia Swarovski Collective, a program to support emerging talent, the same program that revealed Alexander McQueen in 1999.
Since a young age, Fang was always curious to understand the intricacies of weaving and patterns. A key theme throughout her designs highlights craftsmanship, fusing unexpected elements and fabrics to mesmerizing effect. Fang’s experience of living in both Asia and Europe provides her with constant inspiration from these different cultures.
"A truly happy and radiant woman is not fighting, pretending or hiding to protect who she really is, but being sweet, at peace and self-confident."
Today Fang’s work is recognized for its innate feminine lines, fine tailoring, and signature origami elements. The brand carefully sources the highest quality fabrics from around the world. The brand is composed with prêt à porter (by FANG) and couture (Atelier by FANG), where clients may request appointments with the designer at her Shanghai studio to create a one of kind couture experience. 
Fang’s naturally welcoming personality, combined with her passion and talent has allowed her to establish a loyal fan base internationally. Her clients include A-List celebrities and entrepreneurs from across the world. 
In 2018, by FANG established a strategic partnership with a Saudi-Arabia based investor to support its development in the Middle-East and international markets.